How does our process work?

How do we integrate currently disconnected academics, students, workers, farmers, non-profits, community members, firms, and regulators working on wasted food in order to generate convergent research and systems change?

  • The process for Convergent Research and Evaluation
    • Human, Life, and Network-Centered Design Studios that integegrate design and convergence
    • Evaluation of convergent research and activities
  • Formal Assessment of Diversity and Inclusion for Research Network Grants
    • Interviews and evaluation with individual team members
    • Group discussions on diversity and inclusion
  • Invitation to Diverse Scholars Co-led with Black in Engineering to grow the network
    • Each year, up to five scholars will be invited and given $2,500 to participate in a half-day workshop
    • An action plan with tangible benefits to the scholars will be confirmed by the end of the workshop
Why is Food Wasted?
What Should We Do About It?
How Does Our Process Work?