Why is Food Wasted?

What are the magnitudes, distributions, drivers, and interactions of wasted food within regional and across multiscale food systems?

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Integrating Multiscale Data on Regional Food Systems and Associated Infrastructures
    • Architecture to track wasted food through collection, imaging, aggregation, upscaling
    • Data from product streams and co-occurring resource and waste flows
    • Data collection post-COVID 19 for resilience analysis

Multiscale Modeling and Metrics

  • Integrated Models for Food System Sustainability and Associated Infrastructures
    • Integration of optimization, I-O models, and CGEs through complementarity problems
    • Integration of associated infrastructures such as energy and transportation within food system models

Qualitative Insights

  • Generating Qualitative Insights and Integrating them into Metrics and Models
    • Ethnographic studies in communities
    • Insights from power analysis, environmental justice, and resilience capacity
    • Quantifying data on metrics of sustainability, equity, and resilience
Why is Food Wasted?
What Should We Do About It?
How Does Our Process Work?