Data Portal

We will be creating a new database, displayed below, that will aggregate information from existing sources, serve as a portal for data generated from our project, and be freely available for researchers to use. We also link below to external data sources from our key partners.

This image displays different components of our data portal. From our Data Architecture, that includes data on Consumption and Access, Distribution and Flows, Processing and Packaging, and growers and farmers to solutions and policy/governance status that encompasses all these parts of the supply chain. It also includes data by Decision Makers, including Consumers, Retailers, Markets, Carriers, Distributors, Packers, Processors, Growers, and farmers across regulatorsm policy makers and NGOs as well as Innovators and Entrepreneurs. We have solution projections at each level of the supply chain and targets of sustainability equity and resilienct. Finally, the information can be stratified by National, Regional, Community, and Household level.
Visualization of the RECIPES database structure which will aggregate information from other databases using a common ontology, capture RECIPES output, and be made publicly available and accessible for researchers