Multiscale RECIPES
for Sustainable Food Systems

RECIPES: Resilient, Equitable, and Circular Innovations
with Partnership and Education Synergies

40% of Food

produced is never eaten resulting in lost resources and pollution, economic costs, and decreased food security.

Our Goal

is to create knowledge that transforms our wasteful system to promote sustainability, equity, and resilience.

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PostDoctoral fellow Positions

We have multiple positions available in a variety of research areas for postdoctoral fellows and researchers. Join our team!

Learn how about wasted food and sustainability through aslcore

ASLCORE is a Deaf-centric project which honors and celebrates Deaf culture and American Sign Language.

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Here’s a bit more detail about our network and what we plan on doing

Why is Food Wasted?
What Should We Do About It?
How Does Our Process Work?

Our Research

Wasted food occurs throughout the food system, so solutions require a systems perspective. Learn more about our research.


Partnerships with both community and national groups are crucial to ensure our research informs implementable change. We work in cooperation with local, regional, and national organizations to build knowledge bases, share best practices, and to ensure solutions are equitable, sustainable, and resilient.


National Science Foundation

Funded by NSF Grant #2115405

American University Washington, DC
Illinois Institute of Technology
Duke University
MICA Center for Social Design
The University of California Davis
Morgan State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
The Ohio State University
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Johns Hopkins
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
University at Albany State University of New York