NSF SRS Awardees Conference

June 7 – 8, 2023

2415 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314

Participation by invitation only.


(last updated May 30, 2023. Google Doc version viewable HERE)

Wednesday, June 7

Start TimeSessionDescription & LocationLead(s)
8:30amRegistration OpensPermit 30 minutes to clear NSF security upon 1st entry
– Breakfast on own, drinks available.
– Poster set-up, load slides.
9:00amWelcome & OverviewCall to Order
Official NSF Welcome
Rules of Conduct
Organizing Committee Welcome
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Bruce Hamilton, Rayvon Fouche, Melanie Hughes, Jaishri Srinivasan, Brian Roe,
9:15amSeeding ReflectionsCalling of Witnesses
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Jamie Donatuto
9:25amIcebreaker & Introducing the Convergence CafeStructured networking and discussion of convergence
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Lee Davis, Steffanie Espat
9:45amTrack 1 UpdateTransformation Network
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B
Mindy Morgan
10:15amPoster BreakPoster Session 1 & Convergence Cafe
Room: C2010 (Conference Room A)
Debankur Sanyal (poster coord.)
10:45amTrack 1 UpdateRECIPES Network
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Callie Babbitt
11:15amPoster BreakPoster Session 2 & Convergence Cafe
Room: C2010 (Conference Room A)
Debankur Sanyal (poster coord.)
11:45amLunch on own offsiteClick HERE for some suggestions
NSF cafeteria  closed (but you may bring outside food in and eat in cafeteria area)
1:15pmPanel SessionJustice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for Convergence Research
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Malini Ranganathan, Monica Cox, Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner, Kaitlin Meissner, Gabriela Pereyra
2:15pmPoster BreakPoster Session 3 & Convergence Cafe
Room: C2010 (Conference Room A)
Debankur Sanyal (poster coord.)
3:00pmNSF/NSFC Track UpdatePI’s: Grassini, Zhao, McDowel
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Julian Wang (coord.)
4:00pmNSF/NSFC Track UpdatePI’s: Shobe, Wang
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Julian Wang (coord.)
4:30pmGroup Activities– Guided reflection on day
– Prompts for Day 2 self-organizing sessions
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Brian Roe, Lee Davis
4:55pmClosing InstructionsRoom: E2020 (Conference Room B)Jaishri Srinivasan, Bruce Hamilton
Thursday, June 8

Start TimeSessionDescription & LocationLead(s)
8:45amRoom Opens– Breakfast on own, drinks available.
– Poster set-up, load slides.
9:00amWelcoming Session– Overview of the day
– Self-organizing session organizing time
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Bruce Hamilton, Brian Roe
9:30amParallel Sessions: 
Track 2 Brief Presentations
(by grant PI name) 

Room: W2160 (Conference Room)
Group 1: Gilligan, Jin, Tuler, Pickett, Fay;
Room: W2190 (Conference Room)
Group 2: Hamin, Lewis, Sengupta, Erkoc, Overbye
Richard Rushforth (coordinator)
10:30amPoster BreakPoster Session 4 & Convergence Cafe
Room: C2010 (Conference Room A)
Debankur Sanyal
10:45amParallel Sessions: 
Track 2 Brief Presentations
(by grant PI name)

Room: W2160 (Conference Room)
Group 1: Foo, Tchen, Wooley, Theis, Chang, Donatuto

Room: W2190 (Conference Room)
Group 2: Barba, Jackson, Heyman, Cross, Nolin
Richard Rushforth (coordinator)
11:45amLunch on own offsite
– Self-organizing session leads meet in Room E2020 at 12:45
Click HERE for some suggestions
NSF cafeteria closed (but you may bring outside food in and eat in cafeteria area)
1:15pmParallel Self-organizing Sessions:Community Engagement and Co-Creation – Elicia Ratajczyk
Metrics of Convergence and Transformation – Jeni Cross

Convergence Logistics (Time, Best Practices, Tips, Supportive Environments, etc.) – William McDowell

Tensions between Justice and Academic and Funding Institutions – Josiah Heyman

Perspectives Manuscript on Convergence Challenges – Heejun Chang

Building and Navigating Relationships and Inter-Grant/Project Networking – Robin Dillon-Merrill
& Convergence Cafe
Room: C2010 (Conference Room A)
2:00pmModerated panel:Sharebacks from self-organizing sessions
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Heejun Chang,
Jaishri Srinivasan
2:45pmClosing ActivityReflection on convergence
Room: E2020 (Conference Room B)
Jamie Donatuto

Poster Sessions

(Posters should be 30” x 40” in order to work with the easel and backing boards provided in the conference room. Either portrait or landscape orientation work.)

Track 2 Presentation Instructions

The schedule for update presentations from each Track 2 awardee is tight! We have 21 presenters scheduled for two hour-long concurrent sessions (four sessions in total) at 9:30-10:30 and 10:45-11:45 on Thursday (6/8).

  • Please prepare 4 slides. One possibility: 1) Bio Slide,  2) Overview of Proposed SRS-RN; 3) Convergence Research Approach; and 4) Approach to Capacity Building/Goals of the Track 2 project, but feel free to do what works best for your project.

Given the tight timelines, each speaker will have 10 minutes inclusive of the presentation and questions

  • Prepare to present for 6-8 minutes to allow time for questions. 
  • This format will allow time for a group discussion after everyone has presented. 
  • There is one group with 6 presenters (Foo, Tchen, Wooley, Theis, Chang & Donatuto), so unfortunately that group will not have time for an open discussion.

We have a small organizing group, so we are asking each Track 2 concurrent session to self-moderate.

  • In practice, what this means is that if your project’s PI is listed last on the program for your Track 2 concurrent session you will be asked to moderate the session to ensure timeliness
  • Moderators will be from projects with PI’s: Fay, Overbye, Donatuto & Nolin

Conference Planning Committee Members 

  • Heejun Chang – Portland State University
  • Lee Davis – Maryland Institute College of Art  
  • Jamie Donatuto – Swinomish Indian Tribal Community 
  • Steffanie Espat – Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Brian E. Roe – Ohio State University (co-chair)
  • Richard Rushforth – Northern Arizona University 
  • Debankur Sanyal – University of Arizona
  • Jaishri Srinivasan – University of New Mexico (co-chair)
  • Camille Stevens-Rumann – Colorado State University 
  • Julian Wang – Pennsylvania State University
  • Bruce Hamilton – National Science Foundation
  • Melanie Hughes – National Science Foundation
  • Ashley Pierce – National Science Foundation
  • Brandi Schottel – National Science Foundation

Invitation Letter

If you require an invitation letter to justify travel to your institution/organization, please look for an attachment to a March 10, 2023 email sent to each PI. The content of that letter is duplicated here.

Building Entry Notes

We are pleased that you will be joining us at the National Science Foundation, located at 2415 Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia. Please be aware that when you arrive, you and your belongings will go through a federal security screening. You may be required to take off your coat, remove your belt and shoes, and unpack your laptop. Additional screening may be required in special circumstances. 

For directions and additional information, including any COVID related requirements visit NSF on the web at www.nsf.gov/about/visit.

Before arriving, we ask that you keep in mind a few security requirements:

  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes early for meetings before 10 AM. Arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled visit gives us time to process you through our Visitor Center located to the right as you enter from the Eisenhower Avenue entrance.
  • Know what is permitted at federal facilities. Please keep in mind what items are permitted and prohibited on government property. Remember, you and your belongings will be required to pass through a metal detector and x-ray machine so understand what can and cannot be brought into the building.
  • Bring valid ID. NSF follows the REAL ID Act and requires all visitors to bring valid and current identification with an expiration date. Photocopies and pictures of IDs will not be accepted. Visit the Department of Homeland Security website for questions or examples of valid ID. NSF also provides a list of alternative forms of identification accepted. Please let your sponsor know if you do not have a valid ID. Global visitors who do not have a US government-issued form of identification will need to bring a valid passport from their country of origin.
  • Stay informed. Your safety is paramount. Sign up to receive important NSF emergency notifications during your visit by texting #YESNSF to 240-724-8252. If you have a mobility impairment that may impact your ability to respond in an emergency, please let your sponsor know.